Facebook Application Development

facebook-application-developersWe offer Facebook Application Development Services. From a complex interactive Facebook Application to a simple subtle Facebook app, Lounge3 has skills and experience to provide exactly what you need in your Facebook App.

We have the required skills, experience, developers & designers who can build a great social application specifically and seamlessly integrated with Facebook API.

Every Facebook integration is possible under our roof. Your app works separately on a server, while it interacts with Facebook like an integral part. We specialize in making these apps so seamlessly integrated with facebook that its hard to miss out on any give and take of information facebook can exchange and the application can leverage. Be it posting on wall, friends feed, sending, sharing, liking, custom buttons, getting permissions, custom functionalities, database integration, user privileges and yes, a responsible use of technology which plays with public information.

We believe in secure and scalable software development. Our development platform ranges from Java, GWT, .Net or PHP based facebook application development. Platform is generally decided according to the complexity of the application and its proposed user base.

If you are looking for a facebook application for your company or as an individual, please feel free to contact us for free consultancy and further association.


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