Cloud Based Applications

Lounge3 cloud connect offers an intelligently sorted and approachable cloud based solution for our clients. Our experienced team of professionals have delivered several cloud based applications to our clients in past several years now.

We have always believed in the simplified yet aggressive power of the applications hosted on the cloud and are either available to the end user via client end devices or else as backend services rendered for the user.

Cloud based applications and the content delivery networks (CDNs) have become incredibly powerful day-by-day. Huge investments have been laid towards these infrastructure building. One of the examples of a microsoft data center for cloud based application hosting can be seen in this video here.

Lounge3 has a strategic approach towards clients who wish to either move to cloud based applications from their existing applications run locally or want to get a new application build from ground up.

We think platform independently

As a part of our semantic approach, we stress on the need to be platform independent. Especially for new applications, our Project Managers and Development Team have a focussed requirement based delivery approach rather than going the other way round. This approach further enhances the positive & vital presence of the elements which are of grave concern for an application’s success.

Elements of concern for a cloud based application:

  • Future scalability.
  • ROI from clients prospective.
  • Application security
  • Initial investment for the application
  • Immediate support services cost.
  • Cost of hosting environment.
  • Platform support.

Please get in touch with us to evaluate your requirements for a cloud based ERP or CRM or any other type of application requirement you have. We’d love to consult you on the same and hopefully associate with you to work together.

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