Work Opportunities

Work Opportunities

Holla!! Java GWT Developers

Got some spare time to offer? Spend with us.

Get paid for your work hours, 5 to 10 hours a week, more hours are welcome though.

Technology: Java GWT

Experience: 7 years of java development experience will be good and GWT developmental skills are important for the ongoing projects.

Location: Work from home, a mountain, the moon, does not matter. Just have fast internet, computer with big screen and good work environment handy.

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Joomla Web Architect

Hi guys, if you got exceptional configurational, creative and technical Joomla skills, just let us know.

Get paid on hourly basis for your contributions to the project.

Required Skills: Joomla core configurations, management, server management, virtuemart configuration & management, extensions config and customization. Joomla Template related creative skills, template customization.

Experience: 5 years of Joomla experience will be good. Will be happy to see your work as well.

Location: Work at your own convenience, own place, on your own suitable hours.

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UI & UX Designer, Business Analyst

coming up..

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